Custom Manufacturing
In addition to our own products, Miskin does custom manufacturing of various items

Miskin earned the designation of "Prime Contractor" from the US Department of Defence where quality control standards meet or exceed MIL-I-45208A spec.

Missile Container
Size: 240 KB
US Department of Defense, Missile Containers
Size: 3 mb
US Department of Energy, prototype "CyberTran"
Yellowstone Park
Size: 248 KB
US Department of Interior, Picnic Tables and Firepits for Yellowstone Park.
Waste Container
Size: 200 KB
US Department of Energy (atomic), Storage Containers.
Size: 136 KB
NASA, develope & test a remote controlled robotic "MoonScraper"
Product Developement
Size: 96 KB
Assist with development & testing of prototype equipment.
Size: 120 KB
Manufacturing Capabilities and Equipment List
**Your Project Here**
Size: 120 KB
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