Parabolic Subsoiler

Agricultural tillage tool

Manufacturer of Innovative Farm Equipment Since 1917

Unique parabolic shank, and swept back "V" frame make this subsoiler very easy to pull, while providing excellent deep tillage and ground breakup.

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Company Information

MISKIN Scraper Works, Inc. was founded in 1917. We take pride in bringing innovative products to our customers. Our line includes over 30 different models and sizes of land leveling and dirt moving equipment. We ship our products worldwide. In addition to our own products we do custom manufacturing for varous other companies, and are a "Prime Manufacturing Contractor" for the U.S. Dept of Defense.

How To Contact Us
To request more information, or if you need support or parts for one of our products, please send us an E-mail or call us by phone:


Mailing Address:
Box 218
Ucon, ID 83454

Phone Number: (800)635-4727
Fax Number: (208)522-2309

International Phone: USA(208)522-2139

E-mail Address:

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