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The Miskin dumps very steep (steeper than most ejector backwalls), much steeper than competitors.

The operator can hydraulically "jerk" the bucket when dumped to free sticky materials (a push-off ejector can't do this).

The large apron opening allows dirt to fall freely for better unloading.

It scrapes sticky materials from the apron, as it dumps to keep the apron opening clear.

Unique, patented, hydraulic "Apron/Bucket Function Stop" (optional) allows the operator to stop the movement of either the apron or bucket, while continuing to move the other function. This gives independent control to the apron and bucket movement which is very useful when working with difficult soils. For example, the bucked can be "stopped" partially dumped, while the apron is raised and lowered to "chop" large clods or help cohesive materials break up and go under the blade.

A Vibrator (optional) can be attached to the bucket to help shake sticky materials out in extreme conditions.

Bed Liners and Coatings can be installed inside the bucket, which reduce friction/stickiness and allow materials to slide out in extreme conditions.


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