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All of the advantages of a "push-off" ejector, without the problems.

The blade does not move as the Miskin scraper unloads (like our competitors dump scrapers do). The blade height is precision controlled so the blade can spread the material as thin or as thick as desired. ...just like a push-off ejector.

Miskin's "Tip-out" ejection system solves several problems traditional push-off ejector have:

Speed The Miskin dumps fast (about 5 seconds). That is about 1/3 of the time it takes a push-off ejector to cycle. With the Miskin, the operator can place the dirt exactly where he wants it, without having to slow down or stop and wait for the ejector to cycle forward.

Reliability The hinged system on the Miskin is mechanically simple. There are no rollers or guides to grease, align, or maintain. Side-loads are not a problem for the Miskin. Rocks do not jam in the ejector backwall because there is no ejector backwall.

Clean The Miskin dumps very steep (steeper than most ejector backwalls), much steeper than competitors. The operator can "jerk" the bucket when dumped to free sticky materials (a push-off ejector can't do this). It cleans sticky materials from the apron, as it dumps to keep the apron opening clear, for better unloading.

A Vibrator (optional) can be attached to the bucket to help shake sticky materials out in extreme conditions.

Bed Liners and Coatings can be installed inside the bucket, which reduce friction/stickiness and allow materials to slide out in extreme conditions. Liners cannot be used on a push-off ejector because they will be scraped off by jammed rocks and debris as the backwall moves.

Miskin also has a line of push-off ejector scraper (models E-17 and E-14).

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